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Born in 1956 in Laval, Zïlon is a self-taught and versatile artist who is not only considered a leading figure of the Montreal underground punk movement of the 70’s and 80’s, but he is also recognized as one of the pioneers of Quebec street art, making this practice and its aesthetics known internationally. He currently resides in Montreal.

He paints on canvas, paper, wood and even on the walls of Montreal, these faces His androgynous faces are his signature, recognizable among thousands, multiply, accumulate, overlap, to expose, even to tell, the emotions of a man, his generation and the movement that carried it. Whether they are composed of a multitude of colorful elements, or simple black lines, his works seem to contain his portrait, fragmented through the choice or the impulse of each line, of each color.

Presented in more than fifty exhibitions, from Montreal to Paris to Tokyo, Zïlon’s works can be found all over the world, marking the legacy of this major, multidisciplinary and irreverent figure of street art.

Blue eyes

$ 8,500.00
ArtistZilonClassificationPaintingGallery Location163 Saint-Paul WestShare