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Past projects

384 Gallery Opening ( 21/02/2024)

Cedric Taillon, Nick Bodoin, Nicolas Craig, Indiana, Sabrina Desmarteau, TEETZ, Rachel Tremblay, Pascal Foisy, Timoh Garcia, Makenoize, Le Bilce, Lager

384 Saint-Paul Street W, Montreal, Quebec

Art Expo - Playing with symbols (21/09/2023 - 30/09/2023)

Lost Claws, Nicolas Craig, Mistake Project, Verdier

163 Saint-Paul Street W, Montreal, Quebec

Description: Explore a world where symbols come to life, where each work tells a profound and engaging story. Our artists invite you to discover the secret alleys of human thought through their bold and provocative art. Each of their unique works takes you on a fascinating visual and intellectual journey.

Link : Art expo

Drôle de Tête, Têtes de Drôles (20/08/2023 - 27/08/2023)

Antonin Gauthier

4455 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal, Quebec

Lien: Drôle de Tête



Description: Discover the fascinating world of Antonin Gauthier through his solo show of sculptures made from welded recycled objects.

Inspired by an unexpected encounter with a welder, Antonin Gauthier began his artistic journey while repairing his old farm tractor. Boundless curiosity led him to use nails as a practice material, thus discovering the art of welding without any prior experience. The adventure was fraught with trial and error, but it was in this way that he built his first artistic forms, from pyramids to cubes and beyond. However, it was a metal cat, the fruit of his passion for welding structures together, that really introduced him to the world of sculpture.

Antonin Gauthier describes himself as a multi-faceted artist, having worked in various professions such as molecular biologist, farmer and handyman. But the call of sculpture was so powerful that he decided to burn his diplomas and scientific papers, renouncing his past to devote himself fully to his artistic passion. With a slight affinity for metalwork, his sculptures express a unique visual language that skillfully blends scientific precision with artistic creativity…

Antonin Gauthier’s solo exhibition at 4455 Saint-Denis is a rare opportunity to discover his artistic world of transformation, reflection and reinvention. Visitors will have the opportunity to contemplate a collection of works that push the limits of perception, created from carefully selected recycled objects and meticulously welded together to form breathtaking compositions.


Assembly (20/08/2023 - 27/08/2023)

Timoh Garcia

163 Saint-Paul Street, Montreal, Quebec

Description: This captivating exhibition will highlight Timoh’s original and diversified creative approach, distinguished by his talent for telling stories through fascinating assemblages. Originally from the Mediterranean and based in Montreal, Timoh Garcia is an artist passionate about discovering cities and their wealth of materials. Graduated in Visual Art and Audiovisual his art

transcends disciplines, using mainly wood as a support and integrating various materials collected during his urban wanderings.

An intriguing exhibition:

“ASSEMBLAGE” is an invitation to explore Timoh’s complex world, where each canvas carries a sociological indicator, revealing his reflection on human activity and its impact on our physical and mental environment. From what appears to be an absurd, randomly chaotic assemblage, I wish to speak of human activity, its impact and wasted energy. I like to see a certain poetry emerge from this raw, frontal construction. Through projection, I try to open up questions about beauty, the ephemeral, entropy, the useful and the useless”. The artist’s singular creations bear witness to his vision of the world.

Link: Assembly

Cedric Taillon: Duos (29/06/2023 - 05/07/2023)

Cedric Taillon, Mephisto Bates, Zïlon Lazer, Reno Hébert, Marie-Ève Richard, Gary Heppi, Pascal Foisy-Lapointe, Timoh Garcia, La Javanaise, Vincent Brun, Matthew Belval, Bertrand Lavoie, Lucie Diotte, Etienne Martin, Esteban Martin


4455 Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec, 29/06/2023 – 05/07/2023

Link : Cedric Taillon : Duos

Back Alley Warriors (15/06/2023 - 23/06/2023)

Mike Chabot et Nicolas Craven

163 Saint-Paul Street W, Montreal, Quebec

Description: The “De Charbon à Diamant” album was produced in collaboration with renowned producers Mike Chabot and Nicolas Craven. The launch of “De Charbon à Diamant” is a not-to-be-missed event for fans of innovative rap and magnetic poetry. It celebrates the alchemical process of transformation, where pain and suffering are transmuted into beauty and color.

The Ensemble documentary is 11 min long and was co-directed by Visual Time Keepers during the collaboration with Salvador Dali at the Musée du Quai du Vieux-Port, where Monke.E did a stunt to express his emotions about the medical segregation that took place for vaccinations.

Link : Monk.E

Criptik Nights (15/06/2023 - 23/06/2023)

Zoltan Veevaete

4455 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal, Quebec 

Description: Zoltan Veevaete, a self-taught artist with a passion for art history, combines his career as a graffiti muralist with that of a painter, influenced by the classical masters and the traditions of Spanish painting. His exploration of digital art allows him to introduce a contemporary pictorial language, creating works that evoke a strange sensation of familiarity and nostalgia.


Lien : Zoltan Veevaete

Vernissage (01/06/2023 - 10/06/2023)

Nick Bodoin

163 Saint-Paul Street W, Montreal, Quebec

Link : Nick Bodoin

Retrospectives of the Mtl pioneers of street art (28/01/2023 - 28/01/2023)

Astro, Axelalime, Labrona, MakeNoize, Monk.e, Scaner, Wall2Wall, Zema, Zilon, Zoltan

4455 Saint-Denis Street & 163 Saint-Paul Street, Montreal, Quebec

Lien : Tribute to the pioneers

KIDS ON ACID (27/10/2022 - 27/10/2022)


Montreal artist Teetz combines photography, painting and collage to create portraits that play on themes of beauty, destruction and addiction. Thanks to the pandemic, he took up painting as an outlet for his creativity. His works are represented as colorful, luminous, beautiful but also destroyed images. Through his work, he takes us through the experience and process of addiction, and how it slowly destroys you.

New Tricks (14/10/2022 - 26/10/2022 )

Collective Artist Group En Masse

4455 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal, Quebec

Description : The EN MASSE project, an internationally celebrated black-and-white initiative designed to explore shared creativity and community-building, celebrates its 13ᵉ year with a first exhibition at Galerie L’originale – NOUVELLES ASTUCES – unveiling an explosion of new collaborative paintings, prints, and above all, potential.

Link : New Tricks


SYNERGY (06/10/2022 - 13/10/2022)


4455 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal, Quebec

BDOR has developed a particular technique that reveals itself through the weaving of two canvases. We can rediscover the initial image, but completely changed by the variation brought about by the cut strips once assembled. The amalgamation of the two canvases joins harmoniously in a dance that gives an impression of movement or glitch. When she puts the chisel into the canvas, she in a way destroys the support. This gesture of destruction and reconstruction is part of the message she wishes to convey. When something is broken, it’s an opportunity to create an unsuspected new direction. Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us, she proposes a new perception of our reality.

Lien: BDOR


Participation in art fairs



Participation at the 10th edition of the Montreal festival MURAL, a public art festival that features large murals, musical shows, digital installations, and technology-centric exhibitions with the aim of making street art more accessible.

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