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Welcome To L’Original Art Gallery

Our vision democratize art by redefining it as a social and ecological vector while allowing as many Canadian artists as possible to make a living from their talents.

The L’Original is truly captivating! Come visit us and discover an abundance of art and entertainment.

logo Artiste Toi-Meme

Artist Yourself

Founder of Galeries l'Original

At L’Original, the art gallery and its initiatives such as and the Fake brand adopt the alias yourself to dissociate projects from personal identities. This approach aims to avoid actions being perceived as serving specific names or groups, favoring instead a pure appreciation of the projects. Anonymity allows us to refocus on the works and ideas, away from superficial labels.

Management stresses the importance of serving art and critical thinking, without seeking to draw attention to oneself. They acknowledge the Streisand effect, but assert that their anonymity is not an advertising ploy, but an invitation to perpetual questioning and personal reflection.

The aim is to create a pure dialogue between the work and the viewer, enabling everyone to become an actor in their own artistic experience. By erasing egos, they hope to promote constructive criticism and service to humanity, encouraging each citizen to become more aware and reflective. This philosophy aims to defend life by raising awareness against the temptation of the cult of personality.

Normand Gigure

Board member and co-founder of 4455

As co-founder of 4455 and a key member of our gallery’s Board of Directors, Normand’s vision continues to guide our artistic journey. His dedication to the constant evolution of the gallery, combined with his artistic passion, creates an essential synergy that enriches our commitment to art and community. Having co-created Galerie du 4455, Normand Giguère brings a unique expertise to the art world. His remarkable reconversion to art history demonstrates his willingness to explore new horizons and bring a rich perspective to our institution. Passionate about street art, he brings a vibrant, contemporary energy to our programming. With three years of dedicated involvement with our organization, Normand stands out as a brilliant gallerist, curator and manager, whose contributions have shaped our gallery into a dynamic and innovative venue.

Pauline Rodrigue

Board member

An emeritus member of our gallery’s Board of Directors, this exceptional artist brings a unique perspective, fusing her deep understanding of the art world with a passionate commitment to supporting the gallery’s mission. His dual role as administrator and artist helps create an enriching dynamic within the team, fostering an environment where art and management meet in harmony.



Amine Ndamama

Director of Strategy and Philanthropy

Amine Ndamama is an experienced leader, holding key positions in philanthropy and strategic management at L’Original, as well as being an influential financial decision-maker at Couche-Tard. He combines business and management expertise with a strong commitment to philanthropy, supporting social and artistic causes. His role at Couche-Tard involves key strategic and financial decisions, while at L’Original he contributes to business excellence and social impact. His ability to combine financial success with social commitment makes him essential to our organization.

Anne-Lise (Elio) Mocanu

Project manager

A passionate art lover and art history student, Elio plays a key role as a major contributor to the gallery’s projects, including initiatives such as “Art and Ecology”. As an apprentice gallerist at L’Original, she brings an enlightened perspective and a tangible passion for art, exerting a discreet but significant influence on the evolution of our art space.

163 Rue Saint-Paul O, Montréal, QC H2Y 1Z5, Canada

From L’Original Art Gallery Old Montreal – Local Street Artists
“The art gallery of old Montreal presents local artists from Montreal, focused on street art paintings for sale and contemporary art as well as interior and exterior murals. Our contemporary art gallery in Saint-Paul has been open since 2020 and positions itself as a committed art gallery with works driven by a political will. From abstract to surrealism via pop culture, the paintings represent the spectrum of urban art. The Quebec painters of our gallery of art in old Montreal contrasts with the usually older art galleries of Saint-Paul. We display the pioneers of street art and have at heart the local Quebec artists who create our murals.”

From L’Original – Art Gallery & Friperie du Plateau
“L’Original is an art gallery on rue Saint-Denis with artist studios on the upper floor open to meet local artists directly in their creative spaces in Plateau Mont-Royal. The gallery space offers vintage clothing , thrift store in a place filled with works. Room to rent for weddings, private events, pop-up stores. Contact us to see availability. This place is home to many openings of contemporary designers in urban fashion. The street art oriented gallery is open to contemporary art, the sale of paintings and the sale of limited prints.”

4455 R. Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L2, Canada


– Ideation of the organization, recovery of discarded clothing, furniture and paintings through collection campaigns.
– Beginning of weekly visual art/surcycling workshops in cooperatives, schools and public places.
– Start of a weekly poetry club to interpret the works.
– First 15 artists and 5 volunteers coordinate.
–  Yourself​, B.A.A. student in economics and marketing and Msc. student in innovation management at HEC Montréal, leads the project as a volunteer.
– Followed by Jason Prince of PME Montréal, and mentored by Robert Dutton, Director of HEC Montréal’s entrepreneurial pole.


– Legal incorporation as a non-profit organization.
– Expansion to 25 artists and 10 volunteers.
– Opening of a multilingual website to promote our artists internationally.



– Opening of a self-managed gallery/studio on the Plateau Mont-Royal (Montreal).
– Artistic recycling of 300 objects.
– New brand name:
– Organization of a public event: ethical fashion show of recycled, hand-painted clothing to raise awareness of anorexia and bulimia.
– Incubation in HEC Montréal’s entrepreneurial base.



– Opening of a gallery/workshop in Old Montreal (163 rue Saint-Paul Ouest) of contemporary artworks (exclusively local street art).
– Collaboration with a Salvador Dali exhibition and its official representative: creation of a public event with Monk.e and a live painting on Place d’Youville.
– 8 major public vernissages for our artists at our gallery: 163 rue saint-Paul Ouest and sale of over 50 works.
– Article in Lapresse, North America’s leading French-language media.
– Appearance on Radio Canada for “Merry Capitalismas”, a Christmas recycling event.


– Registration on Artsy and the international art market for our Canadian artists.
– Registration for Artfairs across North America.
– Employment of a general manager (Dorian Verdier) and a part-time curator (Normand Giguere) to focus on researching and selecting the best muralists in Montreal.
– +10 vernissages organized
– Development of a strategy for exporting murals to North America and Europe.
– Participation in “Vue d’Afrique
– Participation in the 10th edition of the MURAL festival.
– Collaboration with the Musée du Grand Quai Dali to showcase the art of street artist Monk.e
– Creation of a second gallery with artist studios open to the public at 4455 Saint-Denis.
– Articles in LaPresse, MTLBlogs, and TV appearance on CTV.


– Organisation de 15 vernissages mettant en vedette des muralistes montréalais, avec une moyenne de 250 visiteurs par vernissage.

– Une moyenne de 50 visiteurs quotidiens et 150 en pleine saison dans chaque galerie, qui parvient à autofinancer ses activités.


– Event with the Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21 – RT21 organized with ETIENNE MARTIN
– Stephan Leblanc opening and Astro opening
– Opening of our third gallery, located at 384 Saint-Paul Street West in Montreal


The future

In the years to come, we plan to build on the momentum of our growth and positive impact in Montreal’s artistic and social community. We plan to deepen our collaborations with organizations such as the Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21 (RT21) to create events that celebrate diversity and inclusion through art.
Our goals also include expanding our network of local artists and promoting their work on international platforms. We aspire to be a showcase for Montreal’s emerging talent while continuing to support our established artists. Welcome again
In addition, we plan to expand our physical footprint by opening new gallery and studio spaces to offer even more opportunities for the public to discover and interact with art.
We are grateful to our community, volunteers, partners and loyal supporters who make it all possible welcome all and we look forward to continuing this adventure together in the years to come.