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THE ARTIST. It’s all about funk, style and monsters for Montreal graffiti artist Astro. Having started painting in the mid-90s, he developed a very distinctive style and created a world of his own, filled with funky letters and weird creatures. His inspirations range from old school New York graffiti to European and Japanese comics. Always on the lookout for the perfect simple, bold outline for added visual impact, his productions should always be fresh and fun, with a vicious twist. In addition to graffiti, he paints canvases and produces illustrations for various clients.

WALLS. From my beginnings with small labels in my back alley to full-scale production, my passion and focus has never changed: to stay fresh and rock the city, all while having fun. My real roots in graffiti are lettering, but I’ve been painting characters for a long time. Graffiti for me should be simple, effective and recognizable.

ART. Dichotomy [dahy-kot–uh-mee] division into two mutually exclusive, opposing or contradictory groups: a dichotomy between a clean canvas and a dirty wall, good and evil, children and adults, giants and small creatures . A smile can hide a weapon, a crack in a concrete wall could reveal a new world.


Off the wall

$ 950.00

$ 2,200.00
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