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Timoh Garcia

Timoh Garcia is a multidisciplinary artist of Mediterranean origin, he has lived and worked in Montreal since the end of 2018.

Graduated in Visual Art and Audiovisual in Marseille and Paris, his inspirations are diverse. Having a long experience of graffiti and… the travel diary, he manufactures the supports on which he paints and designs small electronic systems. In the workshop, everything is mixed to give life to his unique creations. Since his arrival here, he has been able to collaborate in around twenty collective exhibitions and artistic events with, in particular, the Collectif Art Cible, the Aussenwelt collective and the Galeries L’Original.


With the gaze of the traveler, he observes the world around him.

« Here, I deal with matter, transport, wear, time, industrial production, exchanges and therefore human activity and its impact on its mental and physical biotope. ».

Each piece composing his canvases bears a sociological indicator. The creation process is divided into several stages:

« Each work begins with the collection from my urban wanderings.

Then I store, I classify, I cut out, I imagine. Responding to an intuition and a search for balance of shapes, colors and textures, I then assemble these elements in order to compose the canvas that will carry the work. ».

His painting, more than just a pattern, is part of the whole, it highlights the underlying message by echoing the support. The subject puts in front of these noble machines, these mechanics forgotten and melted in the decor of our daily life.

« From what seems to be an absurd, randomly chaotic assemblage, I want to talk about human activity, its impact and the energy lost. I like that this raw and frontal construction gives off a certain poetry. I then try by projection to open questions about beauty, the ephemeral, entropy, the useful and the useless. ».


$ 3,000.00
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$ 950.00
$ 3,450.00
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