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Cédric Taillon

Cédric Taillon is a painter who has been involved in the visual arts for over 15 years. After studying cartooning in Toronto in 2005, he moved back to his hometown of Montreal. Cedric started as a hyper-realistic portrait painter, slowly developing his collection and unique style in parallel. Multi-talented, Cedric seized every opportunity that came his way and explored new artistic avenues. First, he dedicated himself to editorial and advertising illustration. Then to design theatre sets and finally to special effects in cinema. He also developed a particular affinity for live painting events.

His “Abstract Shield” collection is a series of works produced over several billion years on the magnificent canvas that is our Canadian Shield. By dripping lava coloured with different minerals and glaciers as spatulas, Mother Nature rivals some of history’s most renowned abstract artists. The Art Mural collection has presented these ephemeral wonders, giving them the exposure they deserve, as they usually are only seen on the North Shore.

Cedric has also been helping to showcase local talent for over a decade. Beyond his prowess as a painter, he has proven himself as a producer of art events and one of the three directors of the now defunct DÉCOVER magazine. This publication showcased the work of local artists, allowing them to grace its pages and gain notoriety. However, his deep fascination with the human form is at the heart of Cedric’s artistic essence.

Driven by his curiosity for the subtleties of the human body, the art of capturing life-like portraits remains one of Cedric’s passions. His mastery of the technique allows him to paint bodies and heads that seem surprisingly real, even though they are the product of his imagination. Merging reality with this vivid imagination, he strives to bring his creations to life, creating paintings of such realism that they transcend the realm of mere imagination.

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