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Valerie Lariviere

Valérie Larivière is a Canadian artist based in Montreal whose artistic journey has been shaped by various influences, including dance, ceramics, sculpture and illustration. From an early age, Valérie discovered a passion for painting. In her twenties, she began to explore various mediums and techniques in search of the ideal way to express her creativity. With a graphic and fashion design background, she has absorbed additional skills that have allowed her to hone her aesthetic sense.

Valerie’s art resides at the intersection of pop art and realism, offering an ironic and unique perspective on society. She draws inspiration from the symbols we identify with, the characters we build and the objects of consumer society. The contrasts in her work are primarily a metaphor for her observations, which she hides under a candy-coloured palette.

For Valerie, the distinction between beauty and ugliness is simply a matter of perspective, and she invites viewers into introspection. Her works intend to provoke reflection and contemplation while eliciting a smile. She creates vivid and radiant images often reminiscent of vacation polaroids. Her paintings are characterised by bright lighting and an enigmatic touch. Placing people at the centre of her creations, she captures fleeting moments, inviting viewers to witness timeless scenes through a window of suspended time.

Valérie Larivière is a true multidisciplinary artist, drawing on her diverse experiences and artistic training to create surprising and thought-provoking works of art. With oil paint as her medium of choice, she infuses her creations with a unique and compelling character.