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Gallery rental :

give life to the most luxurious performance hall for rental of a milestone event for your guests – Opening, fashion show, wedding, launch, 5 @ 7, filming room, exhibition, ephemeral shop.
1. How to start your comparison of available places?
Visit our available locations without moving and without waiting with our 360 event room tours.

163 rue Saint-Paul Ouest, 70 seats, 1000 square feet, a luxury jewel in Old Montreal: Art Gallery for rent as a performance hall

4455 rue Saint-Denis, 120 seats, 1600 square feet, 2 luxurious floors filled with paintings by Montreal artists, a private viewing space for rent.

Visit our spaces in videos

Do you want to see the memories of our events? Our performance hall for rent has had many incredible experiences, including our video service and photos to capture for a few moments. We share with you below a little best of the rentals we are proud of, those that have breathed the soul of our space and created unforgettable memories.
The opening of Monk.e x Salvador Dali at 163 rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal
The McGill Ethical Fashion Show at 4455 rue Saint-Denis
The McGill Ethical Fashion Show at 4455 rue Saint-Denis

Coming Soon

2. Which artists populate the walls of your art gallery?
Since 2019, heaps of memorabilia in spaces filled by the best painters in town. With or without a liquor license, the party is always crazy at L’Original, which can help you build your event with furniture rental services, videos and photos to create a tailor-made event in the space. that suits your needs. Filled with Montreal artists, mostly surrealist, contemporary and urban, L’Original is a non-profit organization proud of its reputation and the quality of the works it has on its walls. The sound system was installed in 2022 and a DJ and a microphone can be ordered directly through the organization’s contact book when renting the Old Montreal Art Gallery or the Plateau performance hall Mont Royal.
3. How do I rent the room of my choice? How to know your availabilities?
For a wedding hall, a performance hall or an exhibition hall, the operation is always the same: – Favor a first contact by phone by calling 514.999.9611 – By e-mail to the address below: 30% deposit to guarantee the reservation and will serve as a deposit in case of damage. Transaction when handing over the keys.


How much does it cost to rent your event room in Montreal?

$800 a day.

A flexible amount depending on your needs for equipment and services requested for your event. A maximum of 7 days rental, multi-day rates can be offered.

Is cleaning chargeable?

Yes, please still respect the premises, you are in an art gallery.

Can we see pictures of the events you have done?

It was enough to ask 😊:


What are the performance hall rental hours?

We manage as well as we can for your needs, contact us and discuss it

Do you have an adaptable lighting system with the rental of your gallery?

Our lighting is configured to illuminate the walls and highlight the canvases, however we have a lighting system adapted to more dancing events. The gallery lends itself more to chic cocktail parties, large-scale events, openings and is an excellent original wedding venue.

How far in advance should I book for a wedding or event venue?

In Montreal, we try to remain flexible, the 2 rooms are available most of the periods requested, however it is wise to plan at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us:


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