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Weird Fishes

Mixed media, 60×72 in, 2022

$ 4,500.00

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Teetz is a Montreal artist who combines photography, painting and collage to create portraits that play with themes of beauty, destruction and addiction. Thanks to the pandemic, he started to paint in order to externalize his creativity. His works are represented in the form of colorful, luminous, aesthetic but also destroyed images. Through his works, he takes us through the experience and process of addiction and how it slowly destroys you.

Art saved his life and enabled him to heal his soul. Teetz is a professional artist, working hard on his mixed media paintings which impress with the amount of detail. The harmony in the composition of his works has earned him the headlines on several occasions, in particular for his major solo exhibition in 2022 "Kids on Acid" which took place in one of our L'Original galleries.



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