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Untitled (JFK)

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 48 x 40, 2019

$ 4,600.00

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Emmanuel Laflamme


Emmanuel Laflamme, born in Montreal in 1984, is a self-taught artist who explores various artistic disciplines such as painting, animation, anatomy, sculpture, and theatre. He delved into these fields without formal education by studying books and attending open-life drawing workshops. Alongside his work as a cartoon designer for the past decade, he has actively collaborated on advertising, cinema, and video game projects. Driven by a quest for more efficient creative methods, Laflamme stumbled upon digital art and photomontage. This discovery began a journey where he ingeniously repurposed classical masterpieces to convey his reflections on consumerism, technology, and art history. Through a clever fusion of popular imagery, his artworks generate both smiles and contemplation.



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