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The Blonde Bombshell

Mixed media, 36×40, 2023

$ 3,200.00

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Tina cartier


Tina Cartier is a visual artist from Montreal, inspired by street art. She works with a variety of techniques and mediums, combining imagery and graffiti. She explores three-dimensionality in her works in order to bring them to life and uses artistic language as an expression, unafraid to dare, she creates dynamic pieces of art.

Looking for a idea, an opinion, an attitude, she establishes a guideline for the creation of her works. Dealing with provocative, assumed and sensual female portraits. She plays with the thought of redefining the role of women in today's society. She is inspired by street art, a style that allows her a certain vulgarity and delinquency, forgetting the pure, the beautiful and the clean.

Loving to work on large format for the simple pleasure of being able to exaggerate visual information; more is more, this is his first inspiration. Succeed in translating this concept through the multiplication of techniques; collages, stencils, stumps… and at the same time exploit the different mediums; painting, pastel, pencil, ink, aerosol… She pushes her ideas even further, going beyond the limits, integrating three-dimensional elements. His works become overflowing, alive and offer a very rich dialogue. She always chooses a very vibrant color palette for the eye, to capture that attention. His paintings are therefore a projection of his personality and his energy.



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