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Tangled Up In Blue

Mixed media, 30×40 in, 2022

$ 1,900.00

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Nick Bodoin


Nick Bodoin wishes to explore portraiture in an unconventional way, blurring the lines between painting and sculpture, incorporating different mediums, materials and techniques acquired from various sources over the years of my creative development. He wants to create in a way that inspires others to break out of traditional techniques, to create freely, to take paint out of its box.

His portraits pay homage to the human gaze, a glimpse of beauty and inner strength. He finds a strong gaze or a piercing gaze captivating to observe and paint. To capture the soul, he strives to breathe as much emotion and life into his works as possible. It is inspired by both its small town origins and its current urban reality.

"The two worlds are reflected in my art, my style and the choice of materials." he explains. When he moved to the prosperous city, he discovered a rich, diverse and artistic world he had never known. This diversity was comforting and inspiring and strongly influenced his art.



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