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Second Birth

Mixed media, 16 x 20 in, 2022

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Born in Montreal, Pascal Foisy is a painter and draftsman who has worked in several visual cultures including graffiti, murals, contemporary art and comics. His visual language is an eclectic amalgamation full of artistic inspiration. Playing with the codes of the visual world, moving from abstract notion to figuration, from experimentation to affirmation, from light to darkness, he navigates through different spectrums like an explorer in search of new landscapes. In 2017, he graduated from Concordia University (Bfa Painting and Drawing) where he won the Concordia Golf Classic Scholarship Award upon entering 2013. In 2018, during his second participation in "Mtl en Arts", he won the Grand Prize of the Festival. Pascal continues his journey with the same curiosity in a desire for narrative research with vast and assertive freedoms.

His creative work is inspired by everyday life on both a universal and modern level. Through his artistic expression, he seeks to raise his subjects to another level of perception through his knowledge of techniques and his constructions of heterogeneous images. The liberated imagination, Pascal tries by a free narration with personal symbolism to create images with unknown universes, but describing situations common to humans, with the aim of communicating ideas without maintaining clichés. The observer, therefore, is invited to read, seek to understand and interpret with his own visions and knowledge what the artist offers him and thus develop his private link with the works.



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