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Family museum

Mixed media, 14×11 in, 2023

$ 450.00

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Labrona is one of Canada's best-known street artists. He has been present on the Canadian and international street arts scene for almost twenty years. Labrona was born in Magog (Quebec) in 1972 but grew up in Ottawa (Ontario). He moved to Montreal in 1997 to attend Concordia University's art program, from which he graduated in 2001. It was during his time at art school that he was introduced to the scene. Montreal graffiti. He says he received two educations at once, one in art school and the other in train stations and on the streets, painting with his friend and mentor, Canadian street art legend other aka Troy Lovegates .

In 2004, Labrona appeared in one of the most important books of his time on the street art and graffiti scene: Graffiti World. This book allowed him to be widely recognized for his work and he was quickly contacted by galleries all over the world. He has exhibited his work in galleries across Europe and North America and had major exhibitions in Los Angeles, Paris, New York, London and Montreal.



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