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Cadiz study

Mixed media, 5×27 in, 2022

$ 2,750.00

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Franco-Canadian born in the province of Quebec, Monk-e is a self-taught visionary urban artist, multilingual poet and globetrotter. Rooted in the world of graffiti and contemporary urban art since 1996, he renamed his art form as Calligraffiti Alchimographic. Painting, exhibiting and publishing works of visual and musical art around the world has allowed him to accumulate an encyclopedia of techniques from various collaborators. For him, teaching and inspiring diverse populations is a central mission in the production of art. The act of painting remains the perfect dialogue between the empty wall and itself, between the painted wall and the spectators, between the spectators and their company CALLIGRAFFITI ALCHIMIOGRAPHIC.

Alchimiographic calligraffiti is a philosophy of visual art that combines various ancient aesthetics with the modern techniques of contemporary urban art and modern calligraphy. The metaphorical spiritual approach of alchemy is used to transmute the ugly and rejected part of self and society into a precious and beautiful artistic expression.



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