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Considered one of the pioneers of the graffiti scene in Montreal, Zek has been painting the walls of the city since 1993. His dedication, talent and love for this art form have earned him the respect of all.

He devoted himself during the first years of his career to pure and hard lettering, and developed different typographies, pushing his techniques to the maximum and quickly becoming one of the most recognized Montreal graffiti artists.

His style is recognizable by the precision of his features, his attention to detail and his lively color combinations. He is also recognized for the realism of his figurative works and his large-scale productions.

Ambassador of Montreal graffiti, he has traveled to several countries and collaborated with some of the most recognized graffiti artists on the world stage. He is part of the Montreal collectives Ashop, KG and 156 where he continues to push the limits of his art, constantly evolving and innovating. Using his strengths in lettering as the basis for his work, he continues to develop his compositions and techniques by working with artists around the world.

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