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Verdier Lab

Tommy Jack Oddo Verdier,

called Verdier, strives to be a child artist. The use of Astro the little robot and its multiple variations represents him in a form of metaphorical self-portrait where he tries to create a fair reflection of what childhood and sometimes adolescence are. a time when everyone is the same, equal. The sweet moment before adult human corruption. The beginning of fear that marks the end of innocence. love, friendship, play and sadness become recurring subjects in his work as well as adventure and the discovery of what life is through the best or the worst and this with an innocent see naive vision .

“When I was a child, I drew like Raphael but it took me a lifetime to learn how to draw like a child.”


Verdier started creating when he knew how to hold a pencil, accompanied by his talented mother Eliane Verdier and one of his older brothers, thimothee Oddo. Both artists they guided him to what he is becoming today. He therefore chose to make it his career officially in 2019 while beginning his college studies in Visual Arts at the Cégep de Sherbrooke. Since then, he has obtained his diplomas, managed to make a dozen solo/duo exhibitions in Sherbrooke and Montreal, to win a prize at the RIASQ (intercollegiate network of socio-cultural activities of Quebec) and without forgetting to display his works in the beautiful gallery that is The original!

Flower boy

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