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Marie Ève Richard

Marie Ève Richard is a talented visual artist born and based in Montreal. Primarily focused on painting and drawing, her artistic practice uses introspection as a tool and companion for creation. Marie Ève’s work, drawing inspiration from various artistic movements and personal experiences, lies at the intersection of abstraction and figuration. Her paintings and drawings cover a wide range of subjects, from intimate scenes and introspective portraits to studies of nature and experiments with colour composition.

Marie Ève’s artistic journey began as a self-taught artist, honing her skills in various craft techniques during her formative years. She deepened her knowledge by completing a DEC in Fine Arts at Cégep Marie-Victorin in 2012, where she explored drawing, painting, film photography and more. Her talent and dedication were recognized when she received the Emerging Student Award at the final exhibition of her program.

Marie Ève often uses autobiography and autofiction as a starting point for her explorations. Intertwining personal narratives with broader societal issues, she addresses topics related to intimacy, gender identity, memory, and intra- and interpersonal relationships. Her work challenges norms and redefines the image of women in art history and the modern world. Each brush stroke or pencil mark is a powerful tool to explore complex themes, question, provoke and initiate meaningful conversations.

Through captivating paintings and drawings, Marie Ève takes us on a journey where colour and emotion intertwine. Valuing the creative process, she strives to preserve the initial traits and moments of inconsistency in each work, thereby revealing the anatomy of her paintings. With her acute attention to detail and mastery of various techniques, her paintings achieve a delicate balance between abstraction and realism.

Her works, full of contradictions, affirm the complexity of human emotional experiences. They touch upon determinism and choice, exhibitionism and shame, and sadness and joy. Yet, rather than seeking to resolve these contradictions, Marie Ève’s art embraces them with compassion, honesty and sometimes humour. The result is a subjective and multi-layered reading of her work, offering a profound appreciation for the richness and complexity of the human emotional spectrum.

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