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Lost Claws

Lost Claws is a Montreal-based street artist who has been making waves since 2017. A wheatpasting and graffiti specialist, he has left his mark on the city’s streets and alleys with a distinctive blend of dark humour, pessimism and sarcasm. Through his art, he expresses his viewpoint on the world, life and relationships, using a variety of characters ranging from recurring figures such as teeth, skeletons and the personification of Death to unique creations featuring animals.

Lost Claws’ work is prolific and elusive, as it is sometimes destroyed or removed, making it a treasure hunt for those lucky enough to come across it. However, for a more comprehensive collection, one can also explore his Instagram page, where many of his creations can be found.

With his wheatpasting skills, Lost Claws adds layers of depth and texture to his pieces, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the urban landscape. In addition, lost Claws possesses a remarkable ability to encapsulate societal issues through his dark and satirical lens. His art prompts introspection and dialogue, challenging viewers to confront the complexities of our current society with a touch of humour.

His works can be discovered throughout Montreal, particularly in the Mile End and Plateau neighbourhoods. Whether it’s a gigantic tooth, a whimsical skeleton or an enigmatic representation of Death, Lost Claws’ wheatpastes on the city’s walls are guaranteed to entertain.


$ 2,300.00
$ 1,800.00
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