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About Our Team Spirit

Our team of passionate and dedicated individuals works every day to bring artistic expression to life in three unique art galleries. Our team is a mix of diverse talents, a small community where everyone brings their own unique passion. Our aim is to create a dynamic artistic environment where art becomes an immersive experience.

Dorian Verdier Grand

Founder of Galeries l'Original

Passionate about the visual arts, Dorian opened his first art gallery, L’Original, 5 years ago. Since then, his galleries have evolved to become the most popular in North America, according to Google, reflecting his dedication to artistic innovation and an immersive experience. Each of its galleries, imbued with a distinctive atmosphere, embodies its desire to transcend artistic boundaries, offering a space where art becomes a captivating adventure for artists and enthusiasts alike.

Normand Gigure

Board member and co-founder of 4455

As co-founder of 4455 and a key member of our gallery’s Board of Directors, Normand’s vision continues to guide our artistic journey. His dedication to the constant evolution of the gallery, combined with his artistic passion, creates an essential synergy that enriches our commitment to art and community. Having co-created Galerie du 4455, Normand Giguère brings a unique expertise to the art world. His remarkable reconversion to art history demonstrates his willingness to explore new horizons and bring a rich perspective to our institution. Passionate about street art, he brings a vibrant, contemporary energy to our programming. With three years of dedicated involvement with our organization, Normand stands out as a brilliant gallerist, curator and manager, whose contributions have shaped our gallery into a dynamic and innovative venue.

Pauline Rodrigue

Board member

An emeritus member of our gallery’s Board of Directors, this exceptional artist brings a unique perspective, fusing her deep understanding of the art world with a passionate commitment to supporting the gallery’s mission. His dual role as administrator and artist helps create an enriching dynamic within the team, fostering an environment where art and management meet in harmony.



Amine Ndamama

Director of Strategy and Philanthropy

Amine Ndamama is an experienced leader, holding key positions in philanthropy and strategic management at L’Original, as well as being an influential financial decision-maker at Couche-Tard. He combines business and management expertise with a strong commitment to philanthropy, supporting social and artistic causes. His role at Couche-Tard involves key strategic and financial decisions, while at L’Original he contributes to business excellence and social impact. His ability to combine financial success with social commitment makes him essential to our organization.

Charles Duech

Counsel to the Advisory Board

Our art gallery’s lawyer, with his sharp legal expertise, ensures that every art transaction is transparent and fair, creating an environment where artists can fully concentrate on their creativity. His commitment to navigating the legal aspects of the art world helps support the gallery’s mission by creating a space where art can thrive in confidence.

Anne-Lise (Elio) Mocanu

Project manager

A passionate art lover and art history student, Elio plays a key role as a major contributor to the gallery’s projects, including initiatives such as “Art and Ecology”. As an apprentice gallerist at L’Original, she brings an enlightened perspective and a tangible passion for art, exerting a discreet but significant influence on the evolution of our art space.

Ines Tazi


Is a versatile developer and seasoned manager, currently working at L’Original, a renowned art gallery. With her expertise in technology and commerce, she manages the company’s website, applications and business systems with remarkable precision. As a passionate gallerist, she also brings a unique perspective to the day-to-day running of the premises. With her ability to juggle technical and artistic aspects, Ines brilliantly embodies the role of CTO, driving innovation and efficiency in all facets of the business.

Heloise Merle


Is a dynamic force at the heart of our gallery, combining a deep passion for art with invaluable expertise in logistics and management. As a talented artist and art student, she infuses inspiring creativity into every aspect of our work. Responsible for venue logistics, set-up and design creation, Heloise is an outstanding organizer. Her ability to coordinate resources and find innovative solutions is a testament to her dedication to our artistic mission. With meticulous attention to detail, she ensures that our gallery is not only functional but also aesthetically captivating. Passionate, determined and exceptionally talented, Heloise Merle embodies the creative spirit and logistical efficiency that make our gallery a dynamic and thriving place.

Basile Siebler

Logistics artist

Basile Siebler embodies the artistic spirit and logistical rigor of our gallery. A passionate street artist and art student, he brings creative energy and an innovative vision to each of his projects. In charge of space logistics, set-up and design creation, Basile is a true master of organization. His ability to coordinate resources and find efficient solutions makes him an essential pillar of our gallery. With brilliant attention to detail, he ensures that every aspect of our space reflects our commitment to art and our distinctive aesthetic. Passionate, dedicated and talented, Basile Siebler embodies the very essence of our gallery, where art and logistics come together to create an unforgettable artistic experience.

Eun Kyong Ryu

Artistic Director

Eun Ryu is a dynamic gallerist from South Korea, renowned for her commitment to making cultural connections between Asia and North America. His passion for art and international experience have played a key role in the expansion of L’Original gallery, located at 384 Saint-Paul Street West.Eun is currently studying cultural management at HEC Montréal. This training complements her expertise in the field of art and enriches her management skills, essential for the direction and development of large-scale cultural projects.