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"Invest in Engaged Art with “Guess Who I Myth” – High Return, Deep Impact

Upcoming Guess Who I Myth

Welcome to the elevated and captivating world of “Guess Who I Myth”, an exceptional artistic event organized by Galeries L’Original. Delving into the mystique of engaged art, this experience transcends the limits of traditional artistic creation to offer a unique intellectual and visual adventure

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The Circle of Mystics - A Factory of Multidisciplinary Representations

The Circle of Mystics is much more than just an event. It is an assembly of exceptional artists selected annually from among the elite of Montreal's visual arts. These 5 renowned artists, gathered twice a month in the creative atmosphere of Ateliers 4455, merge their aesthetic knowledge, scientific knowledge, and poetic powers to create works that defy conventions.

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Philosophy of Engaged Art


Engaged art, for Le Cercle des Mystiques, is a desire to learn and understand the different perspectives through which humans approach the world of the senses. It is an up-to-date philosophical intention on various scientific facts, aiming to inspire virtuous ethics in the general public

“Guess Who I Myth” – The Enlightened Creative Process

Mystification is the heart of the process, a transmission of the synthesis of deep reflection. For 2.5 hours, artists and guests participate in a quality conference, projected or real, based on the thoughts of philosophers such as Spinoza, Jung, Kant, Nietzsche, Plato, Socrates, and the myth of Prometheus. Participants explore real-life scientific embodiments through in-depth research, shaping solutions into myths or nonviolent philosophical paintings.


An Exceptional Fusion
Each artist, representing Montreal's artistic excellence, presents their final piece from the previous session of "Guess Who I Mythe". A unique opportunity for participants to acquire these inspired works.


The Creative Challenge - Dialectic and Symbolism
Artists are pushed to practice dialectics through the prism of the author studied, applied to a specific subject. The essence of this thought must be explored, and its contemporary application, discussed. The ultimate goal is to connect the author's statement to a subject in such a way as to form an embodied symbolic expression


Engaged Art Redefined
The Circle of Mystics adopts a golden rule to claim committed art - to reveal a reality understood by common sense with a benevolent intention directed towards the public. This results in symbolic, aesthetic, mythological representations of collective archetypes, offering an eclectic understanding of thought put into different perspectives.



Protection of Life











AI and Technologies








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Invest in Art, Invest in Culture - Schedule a Call With Us

By financing this experience via a donation strategy to our non-profit organization and the purchase of works, you encourage culture while benefiting from a return superior to current markets thanks to significant tax returns. By investing in the 5 artists of “Guess Who I Myth,” you ensure a substantial gain. Galerie L'Original, one of the most credible in North America, guarantees you an unparalleled artistic investment experience.

Schedule a call with us to discuss this unique arts and cultural investment opportunity.

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Become a Patron at the Circle of Mystics - Invest in the Art of Excellence

Mystics, our passionate investors, shape the artistic future by choosing the exceptional talents who will join the Circle of Mystics. By investing between $5,000 and $250,000 annually over 3 years, you become a pillar of engaging art.

Selection of Artists - Three Developed Criteria:

The selection of the 5 artists is based on rigorous criteria:

  • Techniques and Aesthetics: Artistic excellence at the heart of each choice.

  • Scientific Knowledge: A fusion between art and science.

  • Philo-Symbolic Coherence: The ability to convey profound thoughts through art.

Auditions and Pre-Selection:

We hold annual auditions open to talented artists. After a rigorous pre-selection, 20 artists will have the opportunity to pitch their artistic vision for 5 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions.

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