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Born in Lyon, Dodo was introduced to art at an early age, spending countless hours admiring the rich architecture of his hometown. He spent his adolescence in the south of France, where he developed his artistic knowledge and his taste for graffiti. He studied Fine Arts in Cannes and presented his first exhibitions in galleries. In search of a new challenge, he decided to pursue his career in Canada in 2010. In Montreal, he let himself be carried away by the creative atmosphere of the city and found a real family within the Ashop and K6A crews, two multidisciplinary collectives . Thanks to these connections, he develops his own style and creates his own universe, mixing aerosol paint and watercolor. He constantly seeks to innovate, both in his technique and in the choice of his subjects. He creates works that combine the figurative and the imaginary. His works lead the public into a surreal universe, both romantic and dreamlike, which exudes offbeat humor and a poetic touch of its own.

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