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Custom Art in Montreal: painting, clothing, shoes, murals, everything is possible!

Bespoke Art, is there a better gift?

No more buying prints, no more photocopying. The artists of our community bring your idea to life to offer a 100% personalized and unique design: mural, painting, jacket, bag, shoe…

Choose your artist, choose your style, and create a unique and original work.


Choose the tailor-made service that interests you

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Discover your favorite artist by swiping the TindArt, our homepage, you will quickly find it. Take inspiration from his designs to build your own. Or consult directly on the page artists.


Fill out the contact form on the page of the product you are interested in and receive a free estimate within 48 hours. You will have one week to accept the artist’s proposal.

TIPS : If you are in Montreal, drop off your object with the artist and pick it up when it is finished, saving time and your wallet! Specify if you are interested in this option when placing your order.


Proceed to payment directly via the quote or by Interac transfer on with your quotation number in note. Send your object to the address presented or confirm the appointment date.


Receive a draft of the composition, give your opinions and suggestions before the realization of the final design. Receive your custom piece.

TIPS : Order 3 weeks to 1 month before the realization of your work. For an express order, contact 514-999-9611.


How to properly prepare my order?
Only one answer: take the time in your research. Choose an artist who produces a style and images related to what you want. Be clear in what you want, even if it means making a draft yourself (even if it’s ugly, who cares, it’s just to place the elements at your convenience.) The less indication you give, the more the degree of freedom for the artist is high, the more you trust him the more it will resemble his style. If it is his style that you want then leave it as free as possible, if it is your idea that you want then give a maximum of indication and photos.
Can I receive advice to help me create a harmonious composition?
A fashion and design expert is available to provide free advice. It is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.514-999-9611 for a period of 15 minutes. Prepare photos of your room and questions to be more efficient. An appointment with him can be fixed for an hourly rate of $85/h, contact for an appointment.
It's for a gift, I have a deadline to enforce.
Specify it when ordering, priority treatment can be granted for an additional fee.
Is my order authenticated and signed by the artist?
Signed and authenticated. You receive a certificate stamped by the gallery of Old Montreal L’Original and signed by the artist. It would be sad to bet on the future Pablo Picasso and not have proof that he is a real one.
Which paint is used for my order?
For a painting, we invite you to let the artist choose what he usually uses. To do so, simply look at the products in the artist page of the artist of your choice. For leather, we provide angelus, and latex for your walls to ensure maximum durability.
What if I'm not satisfied with the design?
Proper preparation of your order is the key to satisfaction. Our artists are professional and will always deliver quality work in the style they practice and in line with the order and the validated draft for the client, so you don’t have to worry if you have prepared your order correctly. .