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Make the co-creation of your favorite artwork simple and fun.

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TindArt | Find Local Artists for Custom Canvas Painting
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TindArt is a web platform that gamifies the process of choosing your favorite local artist and allows you to co-create custom canvases filled with your favorite memories and colors.

TindArt showcases artists portfolios one after the other. The user can swipe: “I like” or “I don’t like” which generates a ranking of their favorite local artists.

TindArt wants to revolutionize the art market by positioning itself in the sector of “gifts” and “design”, thanks to a process simplified to select artists and exchange simply and directly with them.


How to reach us?

I am an artist and I want to join.
I want to order an artwork.

By communicating a message in opposition to “the war treasure art of the victorious bourgeois”, we want to bring a new place to art in our societies. TindArt aims to reposition art and the role of the artist to give it tangible utility and bring the average citizen to awaken their creative soul. Thus, TindArt wants to position itself in design, decoration and fashion, which is now conquered by the industry.


For all our users:

We make the process of creating an artwork accessible, understandable and fun in order to place it at the heart of the person who will admire it on a daily basis.

The services we provide:

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Custom paintings (coming soon)


Custom tattoos

mural (1)

Custom murals


Custom objects


Restore meaning to art in the hearts of a majority of citizens

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TindArt allows the majority of citizens, who offers gifts for weddings, Christmas and birthdays, who do not visit galleries, to have a good reason to chat with an artist. We want to decolonize the imagination of white and bourgeois art-investment to bring back the focus on the sharing and co-creation of the work.

For all our users:

We offer a bilingual platform (French and English) to ensure accessibility to the greatest number of users in Canada. TindArt offers the account for free and manages requests by telephone and paper for people with disabilities, who do not have access or skills, to do so through a platform digital. This allows better accessibility to the platform.

Postal address:

163 Saint-Paul Ouest street, H2Y 1Z5, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Measures - equity and diversity:

  • A report on the diversity of the profiles of participants (age, gender, community), although this information is be confidential and non-binding to register.
  • The number of artists who registered and their average revenue on the platform per profile category.
  • A summary of the results of the thesis university in connection with TindArt.
  • The average search cost for registration of an aboriginal artist.

Our partners

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Sustainable consumption and production

The extension of Art, such as TindArt, is legitimate. The Visual Art market as it is conducted has oligopolies between wealthy investors, auction houses, art galleries and museums whose prices shock and offend the image of the visual arts as a whole and only benefit a limited number of artists, often posthumous. Thus, we find that online or face-to-face art galleries have limited potential. That’s why we have to change the art market in a structural way. Democratize art by extending it to new markets for which users perceive a usefulness functional (gifts, custom designs, tattoos) is the only economic and spiritual salvation of art by reconnecting the public directly to the artists. Our vision is to create an innovative new marketplace to help artists, around the world, that allows customers to find their artists favourites. Our solution offers a sustainable alternative in the market for gifts, furnishings and decoration in the textile industry. Thanks to TindArt, independent producers, artists and artisans are competitive with the industry and thanks to the democratization of made-to-measure, i.e. the co-creation of the work between the consumer and the artist. This increases the emotional attachment to the work and, therefore, gives it increased durability. TindArt is a sustainable digital infrastructure to shorten the path between artists and customers. It contributes to increasing the quality of life of its beneficiaries, by making consumption more local and sustainable and the financial condition of artists less precarious. TindArt is a resilient technological innovation, its code is made to be flexible and quickly adaptable to the new needs of users. It positions itself as the “Tinder of Art”, by facilitating a meeting for the perfect visual match between the client’s idea and the style of the artist.

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Advance equity, justice and diversity in the arts community:

It is undeniable that there is an issue with digitalization to the detriment of seniors. We are therefore going to offer a canvassing service in face-to-face in seniors’ homes to offer them training. We will also prototype a CRM to help logistics surrounding the canvas (receiving and sending) for people with mobility difficulties or who do not have the means to advance the canvas cost. These policies allow more equitable access for artists to the TindArt tool. The TindArt artist profile is intended to policy of not displaying the face of the artist on the application and not to mention the genre and the official name in order to fight against systemic violence linked to the person’s ethnicity, origin, gender or physical appearance. This practice also makes it possible to fight against sexual requests from potential malicious users. This policy is in line with the digital standards of social and collective enterprises. It paid off on FIVERR which is our closest competitor. It resulted in 9% higher registration for people identifying as women (2020). The Conseil des artistes québécois team and the Original have budgeted for a partnership with an NPO or a COOP in order to translate into language communications with communities of First Nations artists on and off the island of Montreal (Tiohtià:ke). We adopt a co-creation approach with representatives of indigenous communities in order to adapt the structures logistical and social solutions adapted to their way of life and their spirituality. This approach aims to fight against the exclusion system that digital projects can generate for the first nations in order to allow them to self-represent on the platform.


Our successes in Montreal

Told by:

A vibrant community :

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+ 50

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Opening of the gallery at 4455 Saint-Denis with 5 artist studios and the artist Monk.e

+50 events with emerging and legendary artists

Any questions for the platform's IT department?

For reports of flaws, requests for technological development:


Contact our CTO:


Any questions for the platform's sales department?

For partnerships, press reviews, sponsorships, donations, administrative requests:


Contact our CEO:


For partnerships, press reviews, sponsorships, donations, administrative requests:


Contact our CMO:



Account creation: 

3 minutes for a better experience.

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Help choose your movement

Appropriate the style you like:

Art has been held hostage as a war chest. Art has been preserved as a medallion, its codes of understanding privatized by the upper middle class. It’s time to democratize the great art movements and choose yours, hats off to the artist! You already know these currents through the great artists who are associated with them.


Help to define its current

Reclaiming your culture:

Who has never thought of creating their own brand? A brand is a symbol, linked to positive or negative attributes. It is shaken up and shakes up the culture. When we think design, we think brand, and that’s normal. To appropriate a creation, you have to choose and in art you can choose without giving up. Choose the artistic current in which you recognize yourself the most to find an artist in your vein.

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Help to understand the technique

Understand the techniques:

 An artist often hides the tricks of the trade so that the end product appears like a magical artifact. Here we share with you the main lines of the processes so that you can choose what you like.

Une idée en tête?