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Art & Philosophy

An Investment Proposal by L’Original Galerie

Welcome to the unique and captivating world of “Guess Who I Myth,” an extraordinary artistic event orchestrated by the prestigious Galerie L’Original. Immerse yourself in the depths of engaged art, an experience that transcends traditional artistic conventions and offers an unparalleled intellectual and visual journey. Check artphilosophy.

Artistic and multidisciplinary fusion

Invest in art

Le Cercle des Mystiques isn’t just an event, it’s a convergence of exceptional artists chosen from among Montreal’s visual arts elite. These five masters, meeting regularly in the creative atmosphere of Ateliers 4455, fuse their aesthetic talents, scientific knowledge and poetic powers to create works that defy the norm.

Philosophy of Committed Art :

For Le Cercle des Mystiques, engaged art represents a desire to educate and understand the different perspectives through which humans apprehend the world of the senses. It’s a philosophical intention informed by various scientific facts, aimed at inspiring virtuous ethics in the general public.

Guess who I Myth?

Exploring Myth and Philosophy in Art

At the heart of the process lies mystification, a transmission of the synthesis of deep thought. For 2h30, artists and guests take part in a high-quality lecture, based on the thoughts of philosophers such as Spinoza, Jung, Kant, Nietzsche, Plato, Socrates and the myth of Prometheus. They explore real-life scientific incarnations, fashioning solutions in myths or non-violent philosophical paintings.

Excellence Artistique de Montréal: Presentation of Works

Each artist, representing Montreal’s artistic excellence, presents their final piece from the previous session of “Guess Who I Myth.” A unique opportunity for investors to acquire these one-of-a-kind works, symbols of creativity and deep reflection

From Theory to Contemporary Application

The artists explore the dialectic through the prism of the author studied, applied to specific subjects. The essence of this thinking is explored, and its contemporary application is discussed. The ultimate aim is to link the author’s words to a subject in such a way as to form an embodied symbolic expression.

Art Engagé Redefined

Le Cercle des Mystiques adopts a golden rule to claim committed art, a fusion of shared realities with a benevolent intention towards the publicSymbolicaesthetic and mythological representations of collective archetypes offer an eclectic understanding of thought from different perspectives.

Subjects Explored

Protection of Life, Happiness, Posterity, Governance, Spirituality, AI and Technologies, Ecology, Sociology, Psychology, Biology, Equality, Freedom, Love, Suffering, Death, Physics, History, Morals, Health, Education.

The artists

Presentation of the 5 participating artists:

Artists page

Presentation of the 3 guest artists:

Monk.e, Nicolas Craig, Tina Cartier.

Invest in art

Invest in culture

By financing this experience through a strategy of donations to our NPO and the purchase of works of art, you encourage culture while benefiting from a return higher than current markets thanks to significant tax returns. By investing in the 5 artists of “Guess who I Myth,” you’re guaranteed a substantial profit. Galerie L’Original, one of the most credible galleries in North America, guarantees an unparalleled art investment experience.

Schedule a call with us to discuss this unique artistic and cultural investment opportunity.

Minimum investment: $5000.

Become a Cercle des Mystiques patron – Invest in the Art of Excellence

The Mystics, our passionate investors, shape the artistic future by selecting exceptional talents to join the Mystic Circle. By investing between $5000 and $250,000 annually over 3 years, you become a pillar of engaging art.


Artist Selection – Three Elaborate Criteria :
  • Techniques and Aesthetics: Artistic excellence at the heart of every choice.
  • Scientific Knowledge: A fusion of art and science.
  • Philo-Symbolic Coherence: The ability to convey profound reflections through art.

Auditions and Pre-selection :

We hold annual auditions open to talented artists. After a rigorous pre-selection process, 20 artists will have the opportunity to pitch their artistic vision for 5 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions.

Pre-registration for Sponsors :

To become a patron and help choose the artists for 2024, pre-register by April 15, 2023. Auditions will take place at L’Original Galerie, with online portfolios for easy participation.

Shape the Future of Art – Become a patron of the Cercle des Mystiques.