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Exceptional Artistic Support Program for Artists

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Dear Artists,

We are delighted to introduce our exclusive Artistic Support Program, designed to propel your artistic career to new heights. As a gallerist passionate about promoting emerging talent, we have developed a holistic program that aims to establish your presence in the primary and secondary art market while providing you with an immersive and enriching experience

Philosopher and scientist painter: 30 hours paid per month guaranteed.

You will benefit from a minimum of 30 hours per month of time devoted to artistic creation in front of an audience of collectors. During these sessions, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in philosophical discussions for 5 hours, followed by 25 hours of guaranteed painting at $40 per hour.($14,400 annual)

Exhibitions and Promotion: enhancement for life.

We'll maximize your visibility by planning a professional photo session of your artwork and developing a captivating Instagram strategy.(value of $500)
Bimonthly meetings with the director of L’Original for personalized follow-up.(value of $5000) and much more.......

Exclusivity and Valuation: guaranteed sales.

A 3-year exclusive contract with L'Original in North America guarantees a privileged relationship and the possibility of establishing a solid name in the art market

Organization of an international group fair, presentation of the project at Art Fair in NYC.(value of $8,000) and much more...

Call for Artists for the Group of 5 Program

Selection criteria

The selection of the 5 artists for the prestigious Group of 5 Program is based on strict criteria, ensuring artistic excellence and conceptual depth:

1.Techniques and Aesthetics: Highlight your distinctive artistic excellence.

2.Scientific Knowledge: Merge art with science for innovative creativity.

3.Philo-Symbolic Coherence: Able to convey deep thoughts through your art.

Auditions and Pre-Selection Process

Participate in our annual auditions to stand out. After careful pre-selection, 20 artists will have the opportunity to present their artistic vision for 5 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions.

Conditions of participation

Be pre-selected or receive a letter of reference from a Circle of Mystics patron

To be one of the 20 preselected artists, send a PDF file to before April 5, 2024. The file must include your CV, your works, and how they reflect the selection criteria stated above

Shape the Future of Art - Send your Applications before April 5, 2024.