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Art & Ecology

Welcome to the innovative project “One Week, One Object”

A bold initiative that unites artistic creativity, sustainable degrowth, the democratization of art, and popular cultural education.

Every week, 52 talented artists commit to reinterpreting an object on canvas, thus creating an artistic dialogue deeply connected to contemporary ecological issues. Our mission is to raise awareness, promote sustainable degrowthand stimulate reflection on the political solutions of tomorrow through impactful artistic symbolism.

The Fundamental Pillars

Sustainable Degrowth
  • Each artistic creation explores the concept of sustainable degrowth, questioning society about its consumption and it’s impact on the environment
  • Artists are encouraged to use recycled materials and adopt environmentally friendly practices.
Democratization of Art
  • By showcasing 52 different artists each year, we democratize access to art and offer an inclusive platform for emerging talents.
  • Each week, an artist is featured through a video on our platforms, creating a direct link between the artist, their work, and the audience.
Popular Cultural Education
  • The artworks are designed to educate and provoke thought. Each creation is accompanied by a context explaining its connection with environmental issues and the envisioned solutions.

Prestigious Events

Final Exposition
  • grand final exhibition brings together the 52 artworks, offering an immersive and educational experience to the public.
A Scholarship Award Ceremony
  • The donors are honored during a prestigious ceremony where the scholarships are presented to the artists, creating a memorable and meaningful moment.

Commit to an Artistic and Ecological Future

Support “One Week, One Object” and become an integral part of a community that promotes committed art, sustainable degrowth, and cultural education for all. Your contribution makes a difference, shaping a world where art and the environment meet to inspire change.

We are grateful to our donors who contribute to making “One Week, One Project” an inspiring reality. Each donation tier offers unique benefits, reflecting our gratitude towards those who make this artistic and ecological initiative possible.

Donor Tiers

Bronze Brush

Donations under 400$


  • Tax receipt for your contribution.
  • Acknowledgment on our website as a benefactor.
Silver Sculptor​

Donations under 400$


  • Tax receipt for your contribution.
  • Exclusive invitation to the scholarship award ceremony during the opening.
  • Receive a sketch made by one of our talented artists.
  • Your name will be immortalized on our donor wall.
Golden Gallery​

Donations under 400$


  • Tax receipt for your contribution.
  • VIP invitation to the scholarship award ceremony during the opening.
  • Receive an exclusive sketch made by a renowned artist.
  • Display of your logo on our social media dedicated to the event.
  • Banner with your logo at the opening and during the exhibition week.
  • Acknowledgment as a Principal Donor on our website.
  • Showcase your commitment on our promotional posters.

Funding Mechanism


  • Foundationscompanies, and philanthropic individuals can contribute to our mission by making donations.
  • 50% of the donations fund the final exhibition and associated content, while the remaining 50% go towards a scholarship awarded to the artist of the week.

Visibility and Recognition

  • Major donors, contributing $5,000 or more per year, benefit from visibility on our website, with their logo and commitment displayed.
  • They also have the opportunity to name the scholarship awarded to an artist, adding a personal and meaningful dimension to their support.

We invite you to choose the tier that resonates most with your commitment to art, ecology, and a sustainable future. Thank you for being part of this inspiring journey.

Each of these tiers contributes to supporting not only committed artists, but also the overall mission of ecological awareness and democratization of art.

Donate to support “One week, One Object”

Ecology and Art: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue


Concept : Degrowth proposes a questioning of the economic model centered on infinite growth, advocating a voluntary reduction in material consumption.

Author : Serge Latouche, a French economist, is a fervent defender of degrowth, emphasizing the need to rethink our ways of life.

Democratization of Art

Concept : The democratization of art aims to make art accessible to a wider audience, eliminating traditional socio-economic barriers.

Author : Pierre Bourdieu, a French sociologist, has contributed to the understanding of cultural dynamics and inequalities in access to art.

Popular Cultural Education

Concept : Popular cultural education seeks to empower individuals through access to culture, promoting a critical understanding of the world.

Author : Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator, developed the concept of education as an instrument for social transformation.

Ecology and Committed Art

Concept : Engaged art in ecology uses creativity as a means to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage action.

Author : Joseph Beuys, a German artist, incorporated ecological concepts into his art, advocating for a holistic approach to nature.

Environmental Psychology

Concept : Environmental psychology explores the relationships between individuals and their environment, influencing attitudes and behaviors.

Author : Roger Ulrich, an American psychologist, has studied the positive effects of nature on mental health.

Behavioral Economics Analysis

Concept : Behavioral economics analyzes how cognitive biases influence consumption choices, highlighting the importance of sustainable models.

Author : Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist and economist, was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on decision processes.

The interplay of these intertwined concepts defines a powerful framework for artistic and ecological exploration. The convergence of degrowth, the democratization of art, popular cultural education, engaged art, environmental psychology, and behavioral economics provides a holistic perspective to stimulate reflection and catalyze change. In this fusion of ideas, we discover the transformative power of art and ecology to build a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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